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2022 - 2023 DECKHAND SUBSCRIPTION ~ Pay as you go $110 Sailors Grave navigates stormy seas with s...

2022 - 2023 DECKHAND SUBSCRIPTION ~ Pay as you go $110

Sailors Grave navigates stormy seas with salty subscription 

Ahoy you sailors and salty dogs – all hands’ on deck for an announcement from the captain!

Sailors Grave is here to keep its crew happy and hydrated as they navigate stormy seas, with a year’s delivery of liquid gold.

Every quarter, the salty service will ship essential supplies, including 16 beers – core range, all the new releases and some special rare finds – straight to your cabin door.

For just $110 - every 3 months our trusty deckhand subscribers receive the following

- 16 pack of beers  including – core range and all the new releases + rare finds 

- Quarterly extras like Tinnie holder / pin / bumper stickers & Semi Permanent tattoo

- Shipping is included

The Fine Print 

  • Delivery dates are dependent on brewing and packing schedule. 
  • The first shipment will be in September 
  • Subscriptions are charged at the beginning of the month.
  • Beer delivery will be every 3 months on no fixed date and will be charged at the beginning of that month. SEPT / DEC / MAR / JUNE 
  • The subscription includes 64 beers over the year 56 of these will be special releases, some of these will be beers we have done before and some will be new, the remaining 8 will be core range beers. 
  • There will be mostly 2 beers per type, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 and will include every new release that we do over the year, perfect for sharing!
  • Beers will be both 355ml & 440ml
  • Extras will be at random but will include things like tinnie holders / pins / bumper stickers & Semi Permanent tattoos
  • You can pause, skip, cancel, change address via your customer portal.
  • Shipping is included in the price

Local only

If you are in the local shipment area of the Orbost district you can use the following code to get the shipping off


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