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Barrel Gang ~ Gold Chains 2024 - 2028

With last years barrel gang we tested the waters, but here is the real barrel gang project! Barr...

With last years barrel gang we tested the waters, but here is the real barrel gang project!

Barrel Gang is a 4 year project based around the four elements of beer Water, Yeast, Grain & Hops, bringing together of our 2 favourite things beer & art.

Each year we will release a beer that showcases the 4 elements of beer, this will be accompanied by a A4 signed artist lino print based on these elements.

For example

  • Water ~ sea life
  • Yeast/Air ~ Birds
  • Grain ~ Mammal
  • Hops ~ Insects

 Beer / art example over a year 

  • Apricot flower yeast & Apricot fruited sour ~ Orchard Oriole
  • Hay Beer ~ Barn Cat
  • Hoppy table beer ~ Hops Azure butterfly
  • Kelp Black lichtenhainer ~ Midnight Zone sea creatures

At the end of the 4 years these Art prints will form the suits of a deck of cards

For example suits for Yeast 

 Yeast / Air

  • Apricot flower yeast & Apricot fruited sour ~ Orchard Oriole (Ace)
  • Braggot, with honey bee yeast, banksia honey ~ honey eater (Queen)
  • Sake, persimmons, Japanese – King fisher (King)
  • Grapefruit Nettles, Weeds ~ Rooster (Jack)

Each year the barrel gang membership will be accompanied by a etched Denver & liely beer glass with one of the 4 elements.

And for the super fans we have the following ~ Barrel Gang ~ Gold chains 4 years up front 

We have worked with a couple of local artisens to come up with some extras that are really special!

A silver key ring designed by local artist Jill herman that unlocks 20% on all SGB related items both online and in person for 5 years.

A set of 4 hand carved leather coasters of the 4 elements of beer by Jen Booth!


  • 16 X 750ml bottles $30                       $480
  • 16 artist prints ~ colour                       $580.00
  • 4 x  D&L etched glass                         $280
  • Postage x 16                                       $160
  • Jill hermans SGB key ring                   $50                                  Key ring entitles you to 20% discount online & venues for 5 years
  • Jen Booth – 4 leather coasters           $200                              Hand crafted leather coasters corresponding with D&L glass of that year
  • Dark Emu Pudding & Beer                  $150                                  super special project coming soon  🤫
  • Deck launch & barrel dinner               $150
  • Dunetown launch Friends & family party invite     $Priceless


Combined Value   $2,050

Price    $1,750

Local     $1600


And if you really really love us! You can combine Barrel Gang ~ Gold chains 4 years up front with Deckhand membership for $2000 ~ just get it touch and we will sort it out for you! 


 The Fine Print 

  • Delivery dates are dependent on brewing and packing schedule. 
  • First delivery is first week Dec 2023
  • Prepaid memberships are paid in advance, on the day of purchase there are 16 deliveries included over 4 years.
  • Beer delivery will be every 3 months on no fixed date. DEC / MAR / JUNE / SEPT
  • The membership includes 16 x 750ml beers
  • If by any chance there are more barrel aged beers from the cellar released over the year these will be offered to the Barrel Gang first at a member only price before general release.
  • Extras will be sent when they are ready but will be sent during the membership year.
  • Examples given above are examples only, they my or may not be part of the deliverables. 
  • leather coasters & Keyring shown are mockups from artists, they will not be exactly like this and will be a refined version

Local only

If you are in the local shipment area of the Orbost district you can use the following code to get the shipping off