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Sailors Grave navigates stormy seas with salty membership Ahoy you sailors and salty dogs – all h...

Sailors Grave navigates stormy seas with salty membership

Ahoy you sailors and salty dogs – all hands’ on deck for an announcement from the captain!

Sailors Grave is here to keep its crew happy and hydrated as they navigate stormy seas, with a year’s delivery of amber gold.

Every two months, the salty service will ship essential supplies, including 12 beers – core range, all the new releases and some special rare finds – straight to your cabin door.

2021 - 2022 MEMBERSHIP 

For just $600 a year our trusty deckhands receive more than $650 in salty value.

The membership includes:

- 6 x 12 pack deliveries every 2 months with all of our new releases and core range beers 

- An exclusive deckhands AS Colour premium crew sweatshirt

- Sailors Grave branded cable knit fisherman's beanie.

- An exclusive handprinted and signed artist print

- Tinnie cooler

- 5 x Our shout tokens - to use at our cellar door or at ANY event that we or one of our representatives is in attendance valued at $50 (depending on where it is but it is 5 beers) 1 token = 1 beer

- Deckhand membership facebook group with special offers & news

- Shipping is included

The Fine Print 

  • Delivery dates are dependent on brewing and packing schedule.
  • beer delivery will be every 2 months on no fixed date.
  • The membership includes 72 beers over the year 64 of these will be special releases, some of these will be beers we have done before and some will be new, the remaining 8 will be core range beers. 
  • There will be 2 beers per type, and will include every new release that we do over the year, perfect for sharing!
  • Extras will be sent before Christmas 
  • Our shout tokens are 1 token = 1 beer, tokens are only valid at our cellar door or events in which we or a nominated representative are present, these events will be announced on the Deckhand facebook group, if you are not on facebook thats ok we will also provide these notifications via a regular deckhand newsletter. 

In 2021 we launched All Hands On Deck - Deckhand Membership in the depths of Covid, It was such a great experience for us, we really felt that the members had our backs in a pretty shitty time and that we created a real community around us. 

We learnt a lot from the journey and have decided to continue offering the membership into the future, we hope you can join us on the ride!

Cheers Chris & Gab 🖤💀

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